Auto Dealer Workers Comp and Your Employees

Every employer wants a safe workplace, but unfortunately accidents can still happen—and they often do. At an auto dealership, employees face a number of risks derived from working with fast vehicles and large pieces. This is one reason why it’s important to have worker’s compensation; owners of dealerships should keep in mind that there are several benefits to auto dealer worker’s comp.

Protecting Companies

First and foremost, workers’ compensation helps to protect employees from being injured in the first place. Good safety practices and risk management can often be used to keep premiums low, which not only saves money but protects employees. In addition, knowing that they will be compensated if disaster strikes can help raise employees’ morale and job satisfaction. This helps to maintain a company’s stability and productivity. Finally, in many states companies are legally obligated to provide workers compensation.

Protecting Employees

Not only is auto dealer worker’s comp good for the business, but it’s good for the individuals. A worker that’s injured on the job doesn’t just have to worry about the physical injury, but also potential lost wages or high medical fees. Workers compensation helps to protect them financially, which makes them more likely to return to the company after they have recovered.

There are a number of places to find auto dealer worker’s comp, such as insurance brokers and managing general underwriters. With their help, you can keep your workers safe and your company stable.


photo credit: aldenjewell cc