ATA Carnet Insurance Can Protect Valuable Items During Importation

ATA Carnet Insurance Can Protect Valuable Items During Importation

When temporarily importing goods into a foreign country, a Carnet can be a great way to lessen customs fees, as well as expedite the importation process. For those entities involved in the temporary importation of goods, ATA Carnet insurance is essential to remaining confident that all items will stay intact on their travels.

What Type of Goods Are Covered?

Due to the unique circumstances involved when utilizing Carnets, only certain types of goods can be accepted. These include:

Commercial Samples – This category can cover a variety of items used to demonstrate a specific product or brand, from medical apparatus to items needed for trade shows and conferences.

Exhibition and Fairs – When participating in exhibitions or fairs, a Carnet can be useful for the importation of any items necessary for those purposes.

Professional Equipment – Virtually any item needed for professional usage can be accepted under this category. Common items include surgical instruments, sporting goods, and even equipment used during photo shoots and film production.

When it comes to prohibited items, any item intended on being used/consumed during importation, are not allowed on Carnets. This includes all perishables, as well as things like pamphlets and handouts.

Protect Valuable Goods With Suitable Insurance

ATA Carnet insurance is an ideal option for a number of business owners with unique customs needs. This insurance will protect valuable goods essential to your business, which is important for maintaining a thriving enterprise all over the world.


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