Are You Self-Employed in the Trucking Industry?

Owner operator trucking has been a huge part of the industry for almost as long as there have been trucks on the road, and even before that, it wasn’t uncommon to find independent coaches and team drivers competing with the larger companies for contracts. An independent streak runs strong in the transportation and logistics profession, and new owner-operators need to understand how to properly set themselves up for business. That means learning to set aside the right cash to cover expenses like taxes, as well as assessing your insurance needs, maintaining compliance with regulations in the industry, and tracking your receivables alongside your expenses.

Understanding Insurance for Truckers

As an insurer who works to provide for trucking professionals in a variety of niches, Western Truck Insurance put together essential driving resources that cover practically everything you’d need to cross-reference when making sure you have everything set up for a solid operation. That dedication to informing and supporting their clients is important, because the easier it is for you to find all the information you need, the easier it is to run your new company. Just because you are your own small business doesn’t mean it’s a simple operation, the trucking industry is complex and its requirements are always changing. Get the help you need to stay on top of things.