Abuse, Neglect in Nursing Homes Insurance

It is an unfortunate circumstance when your nursing home comes under fire from claims of neglect or abuse, but it happens. By law, a nursing home must provide care to maintain the highest possible physical, mental and social well being of each resident. Assisted living facilities are designed to protect residents by properly screening employees and keeping intruders and other unwanted visitors at bay.


Many states also require that nursing homes meet individual state standards relating to the type and quality of care required, and having nursing homes insurance can help out immensely when these goals fall short. Nursing home residents often require constant attention, and may not be able to communicate nursing home abuse or neglect from their caregivers, which has resulted in abuse that in turn causes illness, discomfort and sometimes, even death.


Nursing home neglect is often unreported


This is because it isn’t always physical abuse. All too frequently residents may experience emotional, psychological, and financial abuse or exploitation. It is important for you to note that abusers may be staff members, other patients and even visitors.

Signs that abuse may be taking place
If a staff member refuses to allow family or friends to see the resident or insists on being present during the visit, it is possible that abuse is taking place. Other examples of abuse are:


  • Withholding or not providing food according to prescribed schedule


  • Intimidation or use of threats


  • Not providing access to water resulting in dehydration


  • Medication errors


  • Poor toileting facilities leading to bedsores


  • Inadequate daily care and grooming


  • Failure to treat or provide emergency care for stroke or heart attack


As a care provider it is your job to recognize these signs and provide safety for your aging clientele. Nursing Homes insurance is an integral part of protecting your residents and your business.

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