A Short Guide To Tour Bus Insurance

At first glance, running a tour bus business seems like a risk-free and fun way to make a living. However, if something unexpectedly goes wrong, you could end up in a world of financial trouble. 

From damage that occurs to your bus to liability issues, there are countless potential problems that could arise. Luckily, tour bus insurance can protect you from these problems, whether you run a single-vehicle tour or a fleet of tour busses.

What Is Tour Bus Insurance?

Tour bus insurance is a category of insurance coverage that is designed to protect tour bus business owners from a variety of common risks. As with nearly all insurance policies, you will have to pay a small monthly or yearly premium.  

What Coverage Can You Get With Tour Bus Insurance?

There are many types of coverage that can be obtained with tour bus insurance. Some of these coverage types are:

  • Physical damage coverage
  • General liability insurance
  • Commercial umbrella or excess liability insurance
  • Employment practices liability coverage
  • Workers’ compensation

With all these coverage options, you are sure to find something that works for your specific needs.

Running a tour bus business is not always easy and the consequences can be serious if you or an employee makes a mistake or if something unexpectedly goes south. Luckily, tour bus insurance can help.