A Short Guide To Pub Insurance

When it comes to running a business, there aren’t many more fun than a pub.  There’s nothing quite like owning and running a bustling pub that acts as a meeting spot for good friends, happy couples, and others just looking to have a good time and a couple of drinks.  However, while running a pub can be a blast, it also comes with a certain amount of risk.  Anytime there’s alcohol involved with running a business, there are a whole host of liability issues to navigate.  Luckily, insurance for pubs can help.

What Is Pub Insurance?

Pub insurance is a category of insurance coverage that is specially made to address the risks you’ll face while running your pub.  It comes with policies like liquor liability, general liability, workers’ compensation, and more.  These policies can pay for things like legal costs, medical bills, and repair costs.

How Much Does Pub Insurance Cost?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to give a specific price that you’ll be likely to pay for pub insurance.  Ultimately, insurance providers decide how much to charge you based on what they calculate your risk level to be.  They look at things like your location, your coverage needs, your claim history, and more to determine this.

Running a pub can be a lot of fun and a great way to make a living, however, it isn’t risk-free.  Pub insurance can help.