A Short Guide To Propane Company Insurance

If you are a propane dealer or distributor, your top priority is to keep things running as smoothly as possible and avoid any potential financial loss. ¬†Unfortunately, things can happen and it is important to have the necessary safeguards in place. Part of any good propane company’s risk management strategy should be good insurance coverage.

Why Do You Need Insurance For Your Propane Company?

All propane companies should have customized insurance to properly deal with the many risks involved with this type of business. Many things can go wrong when you are dealing with a highly combustible substance like propane. If a propane leak develops during delivery, it can start a raging fire in no time and cause extensive damage to anything around it. Additionally, your employees are always at risk when working with propane.

What Types of Coverage Do You Need For Your Propane Business?

There are many different types of insurance for propane companies. They are customized to properly protect your business from the unique risks associated with dealing with propane. Some of the more common coverages available are:

  • Commercial general liability coverage
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Crime coverage

There is a lot of risk involved with running a propane business. It is vital that you have the proper insurance coverage to keep everything running smoothly.