3 Benefits for Providing Employee Benefit Options

Group health insurance plans are generally offered through an employer, and there are benefits to both the employer and the employee. The option for an employee to buy an individual plan usually results in higher expenses, but taking away an employer-sponsored plan can also hurt the recruiting and retention efforts of a company. There are 3 positive benefits to having a group plan established through your company.

  1. Cost-effective.

    The primary benefit that comes from a group plan is usually the savings. Through a sponsored plan, the employee is generally more able to afford a quality plan for the family. Premiums that are too high aren’t much good for either party.

  2. Larger Risk Pool.

    The number of people participating in the plan helps spread the risk around, which results in cost-saving. There are also more options, giving the employees the ability to make selections that they are financially comfortable with. This also extends more coverage to pre-existing conditions, although the ACA has relieved much of that stress.

  3. Tax incentives.

    According to the experts at H&A Inc., the benefits of a group plan aren’t just associated with the employees who enroll in them. Your small business is able to take advantage of the tax credit when they offer a group plan. This could include the expenses associated with paying towards the premiums.

These are great reasons to consider a group plan. It is a win-win for both the employer and employee.